Dog Behaviour Training Package

Our Behavioural Training will incorporate many or all of the issues listed in the General Obedience Package but this also can cover:

Aggression towards people or other animals

More serious separation anxiety

Excessive barking or whining

Destructive behaviour (chewing, digging, etc.)

Fearfulness or phobias

Compulsive behaviours (such as spinning or tail chasing)

House toileting

Resource guarding (protecting food, toys, etc.)

Lead pulling and/or running away

Chasing animals or vehicles

Overly Distracted.





Dog General Obedience One to One package


Does your dog:

Pull on the lead

Jump on people

Bark excessively

Chew objects

Have poor recall

Dig holes in the garden

Become distracted easily

Suffer from separation anxiety

Guard food or toys

Steal food or 'Counter surf'


The good news is that we've got you covered.

There's a wide range of behaviours that can embarass us sometimes, the good news is that this can change.

 Get in touch in the first instance to see how we can help and what we offer in terms of helping with your dogs general obedience.



Puppy Training

Our puppy package includes everything you’ll need to teach your puppy basic commands, manners, and socialisation skills.

We reinforce positive interactions to help your puppy learn quickly and effectively. 

Our package includes:

Initial 2-hour consultation to assess your puppy's needs where we create a tailored training plan and work through it with your pup

Plus 2 x 1.5 hour training sessions to build on initial training plan to help your pup through the weeks and months ahead

The training will cover (much more than) basic commands, manners, socialisation, redirection of natural instincts, and after session support.

Don't miss the opportunity to give your puppy the best start in life and sign up for our package today!

Contact us today for more information.