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Transform Your Dog's Behaviour with my Proven Dog Training Programmes


Does your dog struggle with challenging behaviours such as aggression towards people or other animals, severe separation anxiety, destructive behaviours like chewing and digging, fearfulness or phobias, compulsive behaviours such as tail chasing, house soiling, resource guarding, lead pulling and running away, or chasing animals or vehicles?

Or maybe your dog exhibits more common issues like pulling on the lead, jumping on people, excessive barking, chewing objects, poor recall, digging in the garden, being easily distracted, separation anxiety, guarding food or toys, or stealing food and counter surfing?

I can help!

My comprehensive training programmes allows us to understand and address these behaviours together, offering a positive path to a well-behaved dog and teaching YOU how to understand what your dog is telling you.

Contact me today to discuss your dog’s specific needs and discover how we can help transform their behaviour in a positive and effective way.


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How it works?


In our sessions, I will guide you through the principles of dog behaviour, explaining both the 'why' of your dogs seemingly random behaviour and the 'how' to communicate effectively with you dog to teach them a calmer, happier way to way to live.

By understanding their instincts and responses, you'll develop a deeper bond and create a more trusting relationship, enriching both your lives.

By the end of our time together, you will not only enjoy a better-behaved dog but also gain a deeper understanding of your dog's thoughts and the most effective ways to interact with them.

This will help you develop a harmonious relationship and enhance the bond between you and your dog.


If you’re struggling with your dog's behaviour, you're in the right place.


I'm here to provide you with the support and expertise you need to transform your dog's behaviour.

Through our sessions, we'll dive deep into understanding the motivations behind your dog's behaviour and equip you with effective communication strategies.

Using calm, positive training techniques I WILL show you how to let your dog to become the more relaxed, happier, and more obedient companion they want to be.

I offer three specialised training programs, tailored to meet your dog's unique needs.



We will discover the reasons behind your dog’s behaviours and teach them alternate ways to deal with the world around them.


Building on the behavioural changes achieved in the original programme we will build stronger behaviours using more advanced techniques.


What now?

For much more information on my comprehensive programmes schedule a call with me today.
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Schedule a call with me today to discuss how we can address your dog's behavioural challenges and choose the best training program for you.
Let’s em'BARK' (sorry, couldn’t help it) on this journey to better behaviour together!


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I can help,

just ask these guys....


Craig came on a home visit to see Shadow in his own environment and within minutes of meeting him he had shadow listening to commands and being obedient, we couldn't believe our eyes!

Craig gave us the knowledge and skills to work with Shadow and understand his behaviour, as well as ours!

We are amazed at how well Shadow has come on, we could never have done any of this without Craig's expertise. We now have a calm, happy, obedient little Frenchie who is just the best!

Not only is Craig knowledgeable, patient and friendly but he is also funny down to earth and has a real passion for what he does.

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