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"If you don’t make your own dreams a reality you’ll forever work at making some else’s a reality."

I was inspired by these words after 21 years of commercial success, to follow my passion of working with dogs. I was unsure how this would happen but I believe that once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.

Thanks for dropping by, I'm Craig Avery, founder and owner of SDB, very pleased to meet you.

I've had dogs in my life since I was a small child (yes, that's me in the photo, the cute kid with the wee heart on my chest, alongside my dog 'Darren', yes, 'Darren' ; )

From puppies to the more mature, pedigree and cross or rescued and re-homed dogs. I've helped over 1400 families achieve their dog training goals through personal one-on-one sessions, ensuring a life of happiness for both the dog and their humans.

Using simple, smart and kind training techniques, we tap into the dogs natural learning style and allow them to learn new pathways to success.

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