Why not to throw sticks for dogs.

Dec 09, 2023

Throwing sticks for your dog can be risky and even dangerous to their health, here are some potential dangers to look out for:

Your dog may run after the stick so enthusiastically that they can injure themselves when catching it. Sticks can cause cuts, punctures, or abrasions to the mouth and throat.

If they accidentally swallow a part or even all of the stick it could cause a choking hazard, even a splinter from the stick can also pose a risk of causing internal damage.

As much as we imagine our dogs jumping gracefully and snatching the thrown stick out of the air majestically, some of them are just not as agile as we’d hoped and may not always catch the stick as intended, leading to the possibility of eye injuries if the stick hits them in the face.


As above, if they catch the stick at an awkward angle or if the stick splinters they could suffer injuries to their gums, teeth, and the roof of their mouths.


Repeatedly chasing and fetching sticks can encourage possessiveness or aggression in some dogs. They may become overly protective of the stick or view it as a threat, leading to potential behavioural issues. If you feel this is happening, contact your local dog behaviourist for help.


To minimize these sticky risks, consider using toys specifically designed for dogs, such as rubber fetch toys or soft frisbees.


Always supervise playtime, and if you notice any signs of injury or discomfort in your dog, contact your vet.


It’s also important to train your dog to drop items on command to help prevent possessive behaviour.