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Judge The Deed, Not The Breed

Jan 19, 2024
Judge The Deed, Not The Breed


Potential Further Breed Specific Legislation in Scotland


Time of writing this blog is 14:48 on Friday 19th January 2024.


Got a fright when I read today about the Scottish Governments plans to replicate the breed specific legislation on 'XL Bully' type dogs North of the Border.


I jumped to conclusions when I read "The Scottish government has said it will replicate the safeguards on XL bully dogs introduced by Westminster".


I really should know by now to read the full story before reacting to the click bait story tagline.


The  legislation that has been passed but not yet implemented isn't a ban on the breed but instead new rules and safeguards according to community safety minister Siobhan Brown who said "safeguards rather than a ban".


The new rules put forward but yet to be approved are:


"The XL bully rules in Scotland

First stage (date yet to be announced):

  • The dogs must be kept on a lead and muzzled when out in public.
  • Selling, breeding, abandoning or giving the dogs away will become illegal.


Second stage (date yet to be announced):

  • Owners will have to apply and pay a fee, yet to be confirmed, for their dog to be added to the exemption index. The dog will also have to be micro-chipped and neutered.


Compensation will be payable to owners who no longer wish to keep their pet, including reimbursement for euthanasia."

source sky news - (XL Bully Rule Details Unveiled...)


Time will tell if, as reported earlier this month that our First Minister will mirror the UK government legislation or if, as reported today we will introduce those "safeguards rather than a ban".


I've already written to my MP with my concerns about the prospect of stricter BSL and invite communication to look at breed-neutral legislation focused on responsible pet ownership.


Such legislation could include:

  • Enhanced enforcement of lead and licensing laws.
  • Mandatory training and socialisation for dogs and owners.
  • Strict penalties for owners who neglect or mistreat their pets, regardless of the breed.
  • Stricter breeding regulations and penalties


If you are concerned about this turn of events feel free to write to your local MP here with your thoughts - Write To Them.