Experiences over Possessions

Nov 28, 2023


In a world where we’re often preoccupied with material possessions and ownership, here’s a different, more meaningful perspective to consider.


I came across this photograph of Julie and I with our dogs during a camping trip to Wales a few years ago with Calaidh and Freya sitting on the car bonnet as we posed for a muddy photo!


As I thought back on it and how unbothered (is that a word?) about the scratches and scuffs they were making and how, in that moment our priority was their happiness and the shared adventure, not the smooth shine of the paintwork on the car.


As with many things that we’ve been through since then as a family it’s easy to reflect on a deeper philosophy.


Is that the right word, philosophy, I suppose it is, it’s a way to look at life, about remembering it shouldn’t be about accumulating things, but about collecting moments and memories.


The scratches on the car became trophies or souvenirs of our journey, reminding us where we were, where we camped, who was with us and how much fun we had with friends.


If you really think about it the most cherished parts of your life aren’t the things you own, but the experiences we share, especially with not only our family and friends, but the pets we love along the way, as they teach us to find joy and happiness in the simplest of adventures.