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Dog / Puppy communication

Sep 19, 2023


Dog / Puppy Communication


Here’s a beautiful example of our Calaidh, telling our friends puppy, Stella, that her approach is unwanted.


This kind of dog behaviour is totally acceptable, it’s essentially an adult dog "telling off" a puppy and is well within the bounds of normal dog behaviour and is not excessively aggressive.


Puppies often learn social and behavioural cues from older dogs but it’s important for us humans to monitor these interactions with our pets to ensure they don't escalate into harmful situations.


We often refer to this dog behaviour as an element of "dog socialisation" or "dog communication" and it includes various types of communication between dogs, including


Body Language


(see Calaidh’s bum flat on the ground, body still, not encouraging interaction)




(slight growl from Calaidh saying ‘stop it, go away’, and


Physical Interactions


(her ‘air snap’ at the end sending Stella scurrying away).


These interactions are part of how dogs learn to coexist and communicate within their social groups.