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Why Dogs shouldn't ride in the front seat of a car

Jun 20, 2023
Dog Front Seat


Why Dogs should NOT ride in the front seat of a car 


Safety hazards

Having a dog in the front seat can be distracting to the driver, potentially leading to accidents. Dogs may jump onto the driver's lap, obstruct their view, or interfere with their ability to steer or brake effectively.


Airbag risks

If an airbag deploys during an accident, it can cause serious injury or even death to a dog in the front seat. Airbags are designed to protect adult humans and can deploy with a force that is dangerous and potentially deadly for smaller animals.


Unrestrained movement

Dogs in the front seat can roam around, climb onto the dashboard, or attempt to get out of the window. Unrestrained movement poses a significant risk to both the dog and the occupants of the vehicle in case of sudden manoeuvres or accidents.


Impact during collisions

The front seat is closer to the windshield, and in the event of a collision or sudden stop, a dog in the front seat is more likely to be injured due to the increased impact forces.


To ensure the safety of your dog and everyone in the car, I recommended they are secured in the back seat or use appropriate safety restraints, such as dog seat belts or travel crates. These measures can help minimise distractions, protect the dog in case of an accident, and keep everyone safe during the journey.


(DISCLAIMER: In the attached image for reference only, the dogs are in the front seat while driving around a campsite at under 5 mph)